Updated Article II Zoning Districts First Draft 2.17.2020

City of Wilmington Land Development Code Draft 2.17.2020 Article 2 Zoning Districts Division 1. Zoning Districts, Maps, and Uses 2-1 A. Boundaries The boundaries of the zoning districts established herein are shown on the official zoning map of the city of Wilmington that is adopted by reference into this chapter. The official zoning map shall be maintained by the city clerk in digital and printed records and shall be available for view on the city of Wilmington website. ARTICLE 2. ZONING DISTRICTS ARTICLE 2, DIVISION 1. ZONING DISTRICTS, MAP, AND USES To regulate the height and size of buildings, the intensity of land usage, areas for open space, the location of land uses; provide for the improved environment; and promote the health, safety and general welfare of its citizens, the city of Wilmington is hereby divided into the zoning districts described in this article. No land, building, or structure shall be used or occupied, and no building, structure, in whole or part, shall be constructed, erected, altered, or moved unless in conformity with all of the regulations for the district within which it is located, except as otherwise specified in this chapter. Section 18-20: Districts Established Section 18-21: Conformity Required Section 18-22: Official Zoning Map B. Amendments If, in accordance with the provisions of this code, changes are made in district boundaries or other references on the official zoning maps, such changes shall be entered on the official zoning maps within seven working days after the amendment has been approved by the city council. No changes of any nature shall be made on an official zoning map except in conformity with the procedures set forth in Article 7, Administrative Provisions. C. Rules for Interpretation of District Boundaries The zoning administrator shall determine the exact location of any zoning district boundary lines whenever uncertainty exists about the boundary lines shown on the official zoning maps. Such determination shall be subject to appeal to the Board of Adjustment. The determination of the exact location of a zoning district boundary shall be based upon the following rules: 1. The zoning of a lot shall extend to the centerline of all streets to which that lot abuts. 2. Boundaries indicated as approximately following or within a street, alley, or railroad right-of-way, or utilities (electrical, gas, water main, etc.) easement, the boundary shall be construed to be in the center of such right-of-way easement;. 3. Boundaries indicated as following shorelines or mean high water line shall be construed to follow such shorelines or the mean high water line, and in the event of change in the shorelines, shall be construed as moving with the actual shoreline. Boundaries indicated as approximately following the centerlines of streams, rivers, creeks, or other bodies of water shall be construed as following such centerlines. 4. Boundaries indicated as approximately following plotted lot lines shall be construed as following such lot lines. 5. Boundaries indicated as approximately following city limits shall be construed as following city limits.