Wilmington Design Standards for Historic Districts and Landmarks

6 5 4 3 Standards for Relocation and Demolition 103 6 5 4 3 Section Topics 6 6.1 Reloca Ɵ on 6.2 Demoli Ɵ on Reloca Ɵ on and Demoli Ɵ on Historic District Commission, c. 1983 Photograph of the Brooks Warehouse site, at the foot of Orange Street in what would become Claude Howell Park. Since 1962, the Historic District Commission (formerly known as the Board of Architectural Review) has been the local body established to aid in Wilmington preservation efforts. In March 1999 they became known as the Historic Preservation Commission, with the purpose of reviewing new construction, demolition and the relocation of buildings. Source: New Hanover County Archives