Wilmington Design Standards for Historic Districts and Landmarks

6 5 4 3 2 1 Standards for Relocation and Demolition Design Standards WILMINGTON HISTORIC DISTRICTS AND LANDMARKS 105 7 Demolition creates an irreversible loss of the resources that contributes to the integrity and character of the districts. Over the years, many historic buildings in Wilmington have been saved by relocation and adaptive reuse. An application for a Certi fi cate of Appropriateness to demolish a building structure or site cannot be denied unless the State Historic Preservation Of fi ce has determined that the property has statewide signi fi cance. However, demolition may be delayed up to 365 days for buildings on the site within the locally designated districts. The maximum period may be reduced by the Commission if it fi nds that the owner would suffer extreme hardship or be deprived of bene fi cial use or return from the property by virtue of delay. A delay in demolition allows the Commission time to negotiate with the owner and other interested parties in an effort to preserve the building. If it can be determined that a deteriorated structure does not pose a threat to public health and safety, demolition should be delayed. If relocation is recommended as an alternative to demolition, the delay will allow time to fi nd a suitable site and prepare the structure for moving. 3 A delay in demolition is recommended for historically signi fi cant structures that contribute to the overall aesthetic character of the designated historic districts. 4 A delay of demolition is recommended for historically signi fi cant structures that have deteriorated but do not pose a threat to public health and safety. 5 If a structure can be saved by relocation, a delay of demolition is recommended to allow time to fi nd a site and to prepare the structure for moving. Work with the Historic Preservation Commission to identify alternatives to demolition. 1 Evaluate the historic and architectural signi fi cance of the building and the impact of the proposed demolition on the overall character of the historic district and the adjacent buildings. 2 6 Document signi fi cant structures through photographs and/or drawings prior to demolition. 7 Work with the Commission and interested groups to salvage usable architectural materials. 8 During demolition, ensure the safety of any adjacent properties and historic resources. Protect trees and other site features from damage from moving equipment. 6.2 Demolition Deteriorated House 507 Ann Street Source: City of Wilmington Standards: Demolition