Wilmington Design Standards for Historic Districts and Landmarks

6 5 4 3 2 1 Appendices and Additional Resources Design Standards WILMINGTON HISTORIC DISTRICTS AND LANDMARKS 108 7 The following design considerations serve as a checklist for applicants submitting an application for new constriction, renovations, restorations and additions. It also serves as a starting point for the Historic Preservation Commission’s (HPC) review of the applications. Although the considerations are derived from Wilmington Design Standards as well as the Land Development Code (or its successor) requirements for new construction, they may not be all inclusive. Comment on the implementation of these considerations does not serve as a vehicle for re-design by the HPC, but serves as a reference for determining the overall congruency of the building relative to others in the context. In other words, comments presented by the HPC relative to these considerations should be stated along with fi ndings of fact regarding their implementation. Appendix A - Project Review Checklist MacRae Building 23 North Front Street Source: City of Wilmington • Lot Coverage • Orientation • Setback • Spacing and streetscape (Rhythm) • Scale • Height • Shape and form (Proportion) • Roof form and pitch • Materials • Architectural elements, i.e., type of windows, doors, porches, and chimneys (Balance, Order and Style) • Architectural detailing, i.e., lintels , cornices , and trimwork • Parking, driveways and paving material • Landscaping including fences and retaining walls