Wilmington Design Standards for Historic Districts and Landmarks

6 5 4 3 2 1 Introduction Design Standards WILMINGTON HISTORIC DISTRICTS AND LANDMARKS 28 7 The Commission meets on the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm in City Hall located at 102 North 3rd Street. Special mee Ɵ ngs may also be held upon call of the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman. The order of business for the Historic Preserva Ɵ on Commission mee Ɵ ng is as follows: 6 7 8 10 Introduc Ɵ on Swearing in of applicants and witnesses 3 Introduc Ɵ on of each agenda item by the Chairman 4 Sta ff Recommenda Ɵ on 5 Presenta Ɵ on by the Applicant Presenta Ɵ on by adjacent property owners and other interested par Ɵ es Rebu Ʃ al by the Applicant, if desired Rebu Ʃ al by the adjacent property owners, if desired Approval of Minutes Other Business The Historic Preservation Commission reviews all proposed changes to the exterior of structures, demolition of structures, new construction, signage, and changes to the surrounding grounds, including landscaping. This design review authority does not extend to routine maintenance and repair. For example, if the deteriorated portion of a porch is to be replaced with the same material in the same design and color, review by the Historic Preservation Commission is not required. If, however, the porch material, design and or color are proposed to be altered, the changes must be reviewed and approved by the Historic Preservation Commission in order to obtain a Certi fi cate of Appropriateness (COA). A COA is necessary for all exterior changes to the building or other structures. The certi fi cate is valid for six months. If work is not begun within the six month period, an extension of the original certi fi cate may be obtained. Written requests for extensions must be made before the expiration of the COA, and should be directed to the Secretary to the Commission at the Planning Division, 305 Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor, Wilmington, NC 28401. The presentation by the applicant is important because it allows the Commission to be fully informed about the project. The purpose of review by the Commission is to determine if the project meets the standards within its particular context. The Commission will grant or deny a COA based on fi ndings of fact relative to the application of the standards. Approval may be subject to conditions necessary for the project to meet the standards. The review of the Commission is not to set forth speci fi c design requirements or to offer design advice, but to determine whether or not the project is compatible with the special character of the district or landmark. However, the Historic Preservation Planner is available to assist the applicant in interpreting the standards and their applicability to the project prior to design review by the Commission as well as during project implementation. The deadline for receipt of applications for each meeting is 30 calendar days before the meeting. This permits the city staff time to prepare agenda information for each item, location maps, and supplementary information and its recommendations on the appropriateness of the project based on proposed fi ndings of fact. Adjacent property owners are noti fi ed of the application and a legal advertisement is placed in the newspaper stating the time, date, location, and items of business for the meeting. 1.5 Design Review Process 1 2 9