Wilmington Design Standards for Historic Districts and Landmarks

6 5 4 3 2 1 Introduction Design Standards WILMINGTON HISTORIC DISTRICTS AND LANDMARKS 33 7 In addition to its own design standards, the Commission has adopted the United States Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation for use in determining the appropriateness of proposed work in the historic districts. These national standards which are applied as principles for The Verandas 202 Nun Street Source: City of Wilmington 1.6 Secretary of the Interior’s Standards The Standards are applied to projects in a reasonable manner, taking into consideration economic and technical feasibility. The Standards apply to historic buildings of all periods, styles, types, materials, and sizes. They apply to both the exterior and the interior of historic buildings. The Standards also encompass related landscape features and the building’s site and environment as well as attached, adjacent, or related new construction. rehabilitation were fi rst developed in 1976 by the United States Department of the Interior. The Commission shall use the most current Secretary of the Interior Standards when reviewing COA applications. Dr. Anderson’s O ffi ce c. 1871, 104 Orange Street Source: City of Wilmington King-Thorpe House c. 1890, 209 Nun Street Source: City of Wilmington