Wilmington Design Standards for Historic Districts and Landmarks

35 Section Topics SECTION # 2.1 Landscaping 2.2 Public Right-of-Way 2.3 Fences and Walls 2.4 Walkways, Driveways, O ff -Street Parking 2.5 Garages, Carriage Houses and Accessory Structures 2.6 Decks and Swimming Pools 2.7 Residen Ɵ al Signs 2.8 Ligh Ɵ ng 2.9 Archaeology 2.10 Telecommunica Ɵ ons Standards for Neighborhood Se ƫ ng 2 Downtown Wilmington, c. 1955 This aerial photograph displays a historical perspective of Downtown Wilmington’s river- front, businesses and neighborhoods. (Photograph captured by Hugh Morton) Source: New Hanover County Library Digital Archives