Wilmington Design Standards for Historic Districts and Landmarks

6 5 4 3 2 1 Standards for Neighborhood Setting Design Standards WILMINGTON HISTORIC DISTRICTS AND LANDMARKS 49 7 Signs are an important visual element in the historic districts. Appropriate signs can enhance the character of the residential buildings in the area. In Wilmington the street signs in the residential areas of the historic districts are compatible with their scale and ambiance. On almost every street, historic markers describe people and events that contributed to the city’s past. House plaques with date and history of ownership are common and unobtrusively placed near the entrance. For residential buildings put to commercial use, free-standing signs are recommended. In keeping with the Design Standards, graphic simplicity and compatibility with the existing architecture are the basic principles of designing effective and attractive signs. Preserve and maintain existing signs that contribute to the character of the historic district. For new signs, wood and metal are the preferred materials. Plastic signs may be appropriate if they are of sturdy, high quality material that does not shine or glare. Limit the number of colors on signs and relate them to the adjacent structures. Relate the shape of the sign to the building’s architectural style or include elements of the style. Design identi fi cation signs for residential buildings to be under four square feet in area. Flush mount historic plaques close to the entrance. Free-standing or fl ush-mounted signs are recommended for residences put to commercial use. Do not obscure the building or break up the facade or yard pattern. Care should be given to the size and the style of the mounting. Light signs in a manner compatible with the historic character of the district. It is not appropriate to install neon signs on buildings in the residential areas of the historic districts. Combine readability and visibility in lettering and relate it to the style of the building. Take up no more than 40% of the sign area and contrast the lettering with the background. It is recommended to use dark letters on a light background or light letters on a dark background. Free-Standing Sign 513 Chestnut Street Source: City of Wilmington 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NOTE: Standards are subject to the provisions in the Wilmington Sign Ordinance of the Wilmington Code of Ordinances. Standards: Residential Signs 2.7 Residential Signs