Wilmington Design Standards for Historic Districts and Landmarks

6 5 4 3 2 1 Standards for Building Changes Design Standards WILMINGTON HISTORIC DISTRICTS AND LANDMARKS 79 7 3.11 Security Equipment Security cameras and other security equipment offer modern solutions for safety and security needs. They serve a wide variety of purposes in both the residential and commercial historic districts. Security cameras and security equipment can act as a deterrent to property crime and offer a sense of safety to residents, and business owners and operators. Doorbell Security Camera 400 South Front Street Source: City of Wilmington Lips Ɵ ck/Bullet-Style Security Camera 503 South Front Street Source: City of Wilmington It is important that the installation of security equipment such as security cameras and accessories preserve the integrity and character de fi ning features structures and the district as a whole. Consideration should be given to the location, design and number of security devices utilized on historic properties.